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Java Server Pages (JSP) is a server side technology for developing dynamic web pages. This is mainly used for implementing presentation layer (GUI Part) of an application. A complete JSP code is more like a HTML with bits of java code in it. JSP is an extension of servlets and every JSP page first gets converted into servlet by JSP container before processing the client’s request.

Below are the links of tutorial shared on JSP. If you are beginner then read them in the given sequence to understand the technology in a better way.


Elements of JSP


JSP directives are used for controlling the processing of a JSP page. Directives provide information to the server on how the page should be processed.

  • Page and Taglib directive – Page directive and it’s attributes in detail along with the introduction of taglib directive.
  • Include Directive – Includes the page to the current page during JSP to servlet translation.
  • Include directive with parameters – This guide will help you learn how to pass parameters and their values to another page while using include directive.


We can use java code in JSP using scriptlets. The JSP container moves the scipetlet content into the _jspService() method which is available to the server during processing of the request.

Scriptlet tutorial – It will help you learn how to use scriptlet in JSP.

Action Tags

They are used for performing an action during request processing phase of JSP life cycle.


Expression tag – Mainly used for displaying the content on the browser by sending back the result to client through response object.


Declaration tag – Learn how to declare variables and methods in JSP.

JSP Implicit Objects

These objects are created by JSP container while translating the JSP page to Servlet. These objects are present inside service methods so we can directly use them without declaration.

Expression language(EL) in JSP

Expression language(EL) – We can easily access the data of variables, bean components and expressions using Expression language. Must read tutorial for JSP beginners.

Exception handling

Exception handling in JSP –  A complete tutorial to learn exception handling in JSP. We have shared two methods to handle exceptions.

Custom Tags

To find out more tutorials on JSP refer the archive here.

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